Berries & More


There are four varieties of Blueberries — Powder Blue, Premiere, Brightwell, and Alapaha.  All four are “commercial” varieties that have proven popular with the “U-Pick” or fresh market, and all freeze well.  While they each have slightly different tastes, the “most popular” would be entirely dependents upon customer preferences.  All offer medium to large berries and “clusters” that lend themselves to easy picking.  The earliest variety should be available beginning the second week of June and the latest maturing variety should be available through the first week of August.



The three varieties of blackberries include Arapaho (thornless), Navaho (thornless) and Kiowa (thorny).  Again, each have medium to large berries and are popular Pick Your Own (PYO) varieties, with differences being in personal taste preferences.  The Kiowas are somewhat more tart and the Arapahos and Navahos sweeter.  The trellises make each easy to pick, even the Kiowas which have thorns on the canes.  Although the “seasons” are virtually identical to the blueberries, the blueberries may last a little later.


Christmas Trees

The variety of trees offered are Leyland Cypresses, now known in the industry as “The Southern Christmas Tree”.